Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

"I don't own a TV and don't do much shopping in drugstores or malls, which helps to avoid the marketing," she adds, "but if I do see a commercial with those beautiful airbrushed models, I have to make sure I stop and remind myself of the animals that product was tested on, the chemicals that will go down my drain into the water and the toxins that will go into my body and no, I don't want that."

The soap is an all natural, mild cleansing liquid that serves the following purposes: Shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, shaving cream and even toothpaste. The almond oil can be used as a hair conditioner and moisturizer for the face and body. Ms. Suzanne also has a vegetable fibre dry brush she uses to exfoliate on a regular basis, keeping her skin smooth and reducing the need for deodorant.

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

to put regular moisturizer under their eyes.

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

"Those ads are just selling insecurity," Ms. Suzanne says. "You can't possibly need a different soap for every part of your body. I mean, I personally just don't have that much geography there's not that much space between my face and my armpits.

Each week on Footprint, the profiles an ordinary Canadian doing his or her small part for the environment nothing drastic, nothing life altering, but a conscientious act that deserves attention and might just inspire other Canadians to make a difference, too. The 39 year old theatre graduate is an actor, a bartender and a sales representative at Grassroots, a Toronto based store dedicated to green living. In her bathroom, you can find Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap and sweet almond oil. That's about it.

Still, it's worth taking a few baby steps Saucony Excursion Tr8

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

"I'm strict in that sense, so I have to be careful," she says. "But the minimalism thing came about because I used to travel a lot and really wanted everything in one bottle, if possible. I'm also lazy and can't be bothered to use a bunch of different things for one purpose. And I'm often broke, because most actors are. So, yeah, vegan plus lazy plus cheap I dare you to go down that path."

´╗┐Starting fresh with a green hygiene regimen

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Part of the problem has to do with marketing. Women, especially, are bombarded with ads insisting it's crazy to use a "harsh" body soap on their delicate faces or Reebok Ventilator White

Ms. Suzanne readily admits that she "really, really, really cut back" on her hygiene and beauty products, and understands this may not be realistic for others. But she also points out that a lot of what we think we need, we actually don't, and it can be very freeing (not to mention cost effective) to start purging.

down that path, even if it's only to start using a single soap either Dr. Bronner's or a natural bar soap, which has no packaging and see whether it's effective. Chances are, you may start to feel a bit lighter and a bit more self sufficient. Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

In Ms. Suzanne's case, she's also concerned about animal testing because she's been vegan for 16 years. This means that even some so called natural products are off limits for her.

secret is, and when I reveal that it involves replacing about 15 products with a bottle of sweet almond oil and a bit of exfoliating, they all start doing it."

"I'm turning 40 this year and everyone seems to think I'm 28," she says. "I always get asked what my anti aging Reebok Question Blue

This may sound kooky, but it's a routine that works for Ms. Suzanne so far, nobody has complained about any body odour. In fact, most people will ask what her beauty secret is.

The reality for product junkies, Ms. Suzanne explains, is that owning multiple bottles of lotions and potions can be bad on multiple fronts. Because most packaging isn't recyclable or can't be refilled means a lot of plastic ends up in landfills; there are also dozens of chemical preservatives and other suspect ingredients in commercial products, which can be bad for one's health; and a lot of these items, especially the anti aging creams, can cost upward of $30 or $40 each, which is bad for the wallet.

"It gets my lymph nodes working, sends blood to my skin and basically detoxifies my body," she says, "which means my armpits don't really smell as much."

Reebok Basketball Shoes Pumps

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