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Maille's case came to the Supreme Court after the city's Development Review Board and state Environmental Court decided against him.

"The City of South Burlington does not deny that the airport has other obligations under federal law and state law," Lafferty said. "The question for this particular context is, what is required under the land development regulations of the City of South Burlington? . Because the existing use is single family dwelling Saucony Men's Running Shoes

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"All of those things need to be considered and need to be addressed, and they would not need to be addressed with just a permit," Maille said.

catching him by surprise and sending debris into his yard.

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He filed his appeal in hopes that Development Review Board oversight would make for a more orderly demolition process.

His attorney, Damien Leonard, argued that demolishing a structure with no intention to use the site for residential purposes again constitutes a "change in use" under the city's land development regulations. Therefore, he argued, the demolitions should have to go through additional review by the Development Review Board.

Amanda Lafferty, the attorney representing the City of South Burlington, said that removing the homes should be considered preparation for construction. She said that site plan review would take place after the homes are removed, whenever new development is proposed.

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his property was taken down in November 2008, Reebok Ers 1989

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"At this point, we're just proposing, we're just going to remove the structure, create green space," Ellis said in court. "Maybe they'll put a hotel on it in the future."

He said he also wants the airport to consider how the demolitions could affect traffic, and he wants to see plans for noise mitigation when the vacant houses would no longer serve as a buffer.

and because they are that first step, site plan review is not required."

MONTPELIER A man seeking more oversight for Burlington International Airport's home demolition plans brought his case to the Vermont Supreme Court on Thursday.

Maille has personal experience with the airport's past demolition work. He said that a home near Reebok Running Shoes For Girls

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Reebok Easytone Men

"Without those houses there, the noise and vibration Reebok Easytone Men in the adjoining neighborhood is likely to increase," Leonard said to the Supreme Court justices. "Site plan review provides an opportunity for the Development Review Board to work with the City of Burlington, and to work with the neighbors, to determine whether screening or landscaping is appropriate to protect the public health."

´╗┐State Supreme Court hears airport home demolition case

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"I want the neighbors to be notified," Maille said. "I want a schedule. I want a schedule that is sensitive to children and when they attend school. Some of these houses that are coming down will be within 20 feet of an occupied home."

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"It was absolutely shocking in regards to some of the shaking and the disturbance of the home," Maille said.

But George Maille, who lives near the airport, argues that there should be more oversight in the process. He wants the airport to submit its plans for demolition and any possible noise mitigation landscaping that it might later build on the empty lots, and he wants the neighbors to have a chance to weigh in.

The City of South Burlington maintains that no additional approval was necessary for the demolition, citing an exception in the city's regulations that reduce the burden of zoning approval for one and two family homes.

"Why would you need site plan approval to remove a building that you wouldn't need to get site plan approval to build in the first place?" attorney William Ellis said in an interview. Ellis represents the City of Burlington, which owns the airport.

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Maille appealed the approval of 54 zoning permits that were issued in February 2012. The permits for the vacant homes and plans for the neighborhood have been in limbo ever since.

For years, the City of South Burlington had issued zoning permits for the demolition or removal of homes on property the airport had purchased the same way other homeowners might might get a permit for renovations.

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