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Bice said after the meeting that he did not ask for the raise and has not yet decided whether he will sign the new contract.

"The last thing I want in this state is for us to take this great work that we're doing doing across this state and (have) something become a distraction," he said.

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Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

She appointed that committee at the request of Gov. Robert Bentley, she said.

make tough decisions. You need protection to make that occur."

He said the two year extension is not long enough to accomplish all of his goals and 10 years may not be enough Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0

Vice President Ella Bell said the pay increase came at the recommendation of a four member committee that she appointed to reconsider Bice's compensation.

Members of the ad hoc committee were Bell, Mary Scott Hunter of Huntsville, Jeffery Newman of Millport and Yvette Richardson of Saucony Peregrine 7

The contract increases Bice's pay to $250,000, a pay rate even with that of two year college Chancellor Mark Heinrich.

The pay raise for Bice comes after Gov. Robert Bentley signed an education budget from the Legislature this year that awarded no raises to teachers.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama The Alabama State Board of Education has awarded State Superintendent Tommy Bice a substantial pay raise.

but the system needs to continue moving toward a 90 percent graduation rate and toward reducing college remediation rates for graduates.

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´╗┐State education board increases Superintendent Tommy Bice's pay

[Gov. Robert Bentley supports 25 percent pay raise for State Superintendent Tommy Bice]

Voting 6 2 this afternoon, the board approved a new two year contract for Bice, who took the reins as superintendent in January 2012.

Bice noted that Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet the school system has increased its graduation rate from 72 to 80 percent over the past two years.

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

Not all of the committee members supported the recommendation. Hunter, who chaired the committee, proposed a slightly smaller pay hike that would have made the state superintendent's pay $10,000 more than the highest paid local superintendent.

(File photo)

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

Bice's existing contract, which board members said pays him about $200,000 annually, does not expire until 2015, he said.

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Birmingham all school board members according to meeting minutes.

"What I had asked for was an extension of my contract, of the work we're doing," he said. "I wanted to make sure that we had time to get that done. Sometimes, you Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe On Feet

Reebok Fury Adapt On Feet

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