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If the Legislature and state officials are forcing police departments and others to enforce the draconian immigration law, they are obligated to provide training and funding for that training.

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if curbing illegal immigration was truly a state concern, the Legislature would pass a law that provided for training and funding for the various venues of enforcement.

The law will put more people at risk of being crime victims. Because police departments are mandated to become, in essence, immigration officers, undocumented residents will be reluctant to report crimes. That gives those who prey on the immigrant community free rein.

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The state Homeland Security office is answering questions as best it can and urging city police departments to have their city's legal departments draw up policies concerning the new law. Of course, the Legislature provided no funds for either training or legal guidelines.

The immigration law ensures those families either will break up or be forced to leave the state. citizens, especially those with Hispanic ethnicity. It's overkill for the relatively small problems undocumented immigrants cause to the state.

There seems to be an appalling lack of leadership, especially when people who Reebok Nano 5.0 Mid are directed to enforce the law need answers to important questions.

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Billits and colleagues may be on standby for a while.

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That the immigration law passes the buck to counties and cities across the state, without providing any bucks, is yet another reason it is so profoundly flawed.

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(AP Photo/The Birmingham News , Tamika Moore)

Of course, if Hammon, co sponsor Sen. Scott Beason, R Gardendale, and the bill's supporters had done any homework, they would have learned that many undocumented residents already have roots, and have had for years. citizens.

Instead, as the bill's co sponsor, Rep. Micky Hammon, R Decatur, proudly declared, Alabama's law is intended to make every part of an undocumented immigrant's life difficult. "We want to discourage illegal immigrants Saucony Mint 9000

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"Until they give us more of a definition on how this should be enforced, all the police departments are pretty much on standby," said Warrior police detective George Billits.

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A major failure of the law is that it does not provide training for law enforcement officials and others who must enforce it. Circuit Court of Appeals have stayed enforcement of parts of the law. One key provision of the law they did not block is that police officers can check the immigration status of anybody they suspect isn't here legally if they stop the person for another violation.

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from coming to Alabama and prevent those that are already here from putting down roots," he said.

Luther Strange's office, which is vigorously defending the state's immigration law in federal court, said it would not issue opinions while the case is in litigation, as required by state law.

´╗┐State officials apparently want local law enforcement agencies to figure out on their own how to enforce Alabama's troublesome immigration law

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On Friday, five months after the immigration law passed, Strange's office announced it would post a web page for information and guidance regarding the law and involved litigation.

Reebok Nano 5.0 Mid

Reebok Nano 5.0 Mid

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