Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

"It makes a huge difference in the time it takes to get a patient back into critical care," he said, adding if they can fly a patient to a hospital within one hour of a crash, there's greater chance for survival.

The Yorkton women, living in Calgary at the time, was coming back home. She remembers fuelling up and then nothing.

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Executive Director of the STARS Foundation in Saskatchewan, Rod Gantefoer said in a case where seconds mean the difference between life and death, having better air ambulances means there's a better chance victims of a disaster will survive.

"There's a lot of farm equipment where there is a heightened danger Saucony Jazz Original Suede

Now a decade later, Mackie said STARS in Saskatoon was long overdue. With miles or rural roads Reebok Brown Suede Trainers

´╗┐STARS beefs up fleet

"I'm told a northbound station wagon veered at a 45 degree angle, came through the grass median, through to my left lane, T boned my driver's side, flipped up, came down on top of me, bounced off and came on top of another truck," Mackie recalled. "The next thing I remember was waking up in the trauma unit in Calgary."

Mackie broke her neck and back in six places, suffered brain damage, broken wrists and bruising. Doctors told Reebok Navy Sport Shoes her she lost 65 per cent of her blood volume and that she was close to not coming back.

between hospitals, there's so much land to cover and an air ambulance can make all the difference.

"We can go to places like Nipawin, Lloydminster and Kindersley; we can get from here to those facilities and back without refueling so that's a big game changer for us," Barry Tolmie, who spent 23 years as a search and rescue pilot with the Canadian military, said.

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

On Tuesday STARS welcomed the beefier AW139 helicopter donated by PotashCorp. On top of its smaller BK117 which STARS welcomed in 2012, PotashCorp forked over another $27 million for a bigger helicopter and a new STARS hangar at John Diefenbaker Airport.

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Inside the new hangar, 32 year old Tanice Mackie recaps a horrific crash she suffered driving Reebok Answer 3

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

from Edmonton to Calgary 10 years ago.

for people when they are in remote locations and where they are going to need air assistance they wouldn't receive if it wasn't for STARS," Mackie said.

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatoon added a bigger, faster, state of the art helicopter that will fly longer and rescue more people from disaster.

The AW139 could carry up to two patients if needed and with more space, medical officers have full access to the entire body, whereas with the smaller chopper, medical officers could only full tend to one patient.

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

Reebok Navy Sport Shoes

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