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"There are shops closing down in Stafford at a rate of around two a week and they're wasting their time doing this. It's uncalled for."

But a plumbing shop has been told signs which have been advertising the business for the past 20 years are too big and may have to be pulled down.

Reebok Navy Trainers

Reebok Navy Trainers

A petition has now been set up in a bid to save the signs and customers have been going into the shop to sign it.

´╗┐Stafford plumber is told to remove signs of 20 years Express Star

Mr Wheeler said he will now seek legal advice over the issue.

The council was Saucony Guide 5

Reebok Navy Trainers

Reebok Navy Trainers

No real surprise that SBC prove what bumbling fools they are. They sit in their ivory towers and spout their ridiculous rules and regulations, with blind contempt for the real people of the town. There are so many more pressing issues in this town, not least of all the inert infrastructure nothing happened in 40 years, the too high parking tariffs along with their army of "fancy dress" parking attendants, the hideous eyesore of a new council building, what were Reebok Answer 1

The shop and showroom are in a conservation area of the town, which means adverts cannot exceed a certain size.

"We're here and doing OK and now we have to face the possible extra expense of this," he added. Since news of the possible enforcement action emerged, Mr Wheeler has been inundated with calls of support from customers and contacts.

Reebok Navy Trainers

Well, you think you have seen it all and then this! I know this shop and it is a been a prominent shop in Stafford town centre for 20 years or more. I think the owner even had long hair with a pony tail when I first visited there!!!

Looking at Stafford town centre I think the council and all of us should do all we can to ensure we have shops to visit in the town centre. Stafford town is dying with continual closures of shops and a Guildhall with empty stores and more to follow suit. Instead of driving people out, embrace the local guys and keep them here. Stafford is a county town not something on the fringes to be downtrodden and forgotten about. What about the state of the old St Georges Hospital, how many years did that stand derelict because someone with money decided to undermine the structure of an historic building? The same with the trees on the site. To do what? Build more houses for which Stafford does not have the infrastructure.

Andy Wheeler, boss of Plumbits, in North Walls, has been told he must apply for planning permission for two signs or take them down in the next two weeks.

Reebok Navy Trainers

Reebok Navy Trainers

"I've been totally humbled by the support we have been given from local people," he added.

Reebok Navy Trainers

As I seem to recall, Mr Wheeler and the staff at Plumbits had to tolerate considerable inconvenience recently whilst a new bus stop, which seemed to take an eternity, was built and very probably suffered lost custom due to this and now find they have to contend with a council, that should be supporting local businesses, bereft of reality and reason.

I am Stafford born and raised and still live within the Reebok Navy Trainers Borough boundary, my family have history dating back hundreds of year. I am proud to be a Staffordian and to support the fight for the guy. I just wish Stafford Borough Council would stand up and take account, not hide behind their too busy facade.

Good luck to Plumbits, I would back you all the way. Fundamental stupidity!

Staffords once bustling town centre is dying a not so slow death, not helped by high rents. Stafford market is almost gone and barely worth a visit, again, thanks to this Reebok Question Low Red

inward looking, red tape loving council. Good luck Plumbits but dont be too hopeful with this shower in "charge".

Reebok Navy Trainers

In a letter from Stafford Borough Council, seen by the Express Star he has been told that his bigger signs need advertising consent or "formal enforcement action" may be considered.

"We have been here and employing people for years and this is the third recession we are coming through," he said.

Mr Wheeler claimed it is an "attack on the small man."

they thinking?

unavailable for comment today.

Mr Wheeler, who employs 13 people at the plumbing shop and bathroom showroom, said: "I just cannot understand why, after 20 years, these signs have suddenly become a problem.

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Reebok Navy Trainers

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