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But Attorney General Marty Jackley said Monday that the state will not collect on those costs. If not the plaintiffs themselves, Jackley said, the money probably would have come from the 100 or so public school districts in the nonprofit South Dakota Coalition of Schools, which financially backed the lawsuit.

Still, the Coalition of Schools now is turning its attention to Moving South Dakota Forward, the effort to put a 1 cent sales tax increase on the November 2012 ballot to boost funding for education and Medicaid providers.

"That's our hope for the future," she said, and if it passes, "it may help us move forward."

Scott Abdallah, lawyer for the plaintiffs, was prepared to contest the fees. He argues that Reebok Gum Sole Womens

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"Any school in the state and any other child in the state, if they felt their rights were being violated, could commence a suit against the state tomorrow," Abdallah said.

If the state were to collect, Jackley said, "All we're Reebok Aztec Wl

Regarding that initiated measure, Jackley said the ballot box is one Reebok Dmx 2000

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Reebok Purple Sneakers

Reebok Purple Sneakers

Reebok Purple Sneakers

The court costs the state is forgiving do not include the $2 million Jackley said the state spent on lawyers and expert witnesses while defending the lawsuit. Those costs cannot be taxed to the losing party in a lawsuit.

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"We had a gray area here of (whether) the state is entitled to collect anymore," Abdallah said.

"The school funding question is going to continue," Jackley said, "but it shouldn't continue in the courtroom."

After ruling in the state's favor in 2009, the circuit court judge awarded the state $59,302 for trial preparation costs, including making paper copies and deposition transcripts. The state spent an additional $147 in incidental costs when the plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court.

"You can't take blood from a turnip, and we have no money," she said.

Jackley disagrees. He said the state could collect if it wanted to, but it was more important to Reebok Purple Sneakers close the case.

As part of the arrangement, the plaintiffs and the Coalition of Schools agreed not to file or finance any similar legal challenges to school funding for 10 years. That concession means little, however, as any school or group of schools just as long as it's not the entire coalition still could take such action.

doing is shuffling taxpayer money around at the expense of school kids."

Whitney said the Supreme Court decision was important in that it established that students are guaranteed a quality education. She wonders whether the outcome of the case would have been different if it had been filed after this year's per student state funding cut of 6.6 percent.

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important place where questions about school funding will be answered. The others are the floor of the Legislature and the meeting rooms of school boards across the state.

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The students and parents who unsuccessfully sued the state over what they claimed was an inadequate system of school funding will not have to pay almost $60,000 in related court costs.

´╗┐State won't recoup cost of education lawsuit

"We can only bind the parties of the lawsuit and the parties of the settlement agreement," Jackley acknowledged.

Linda Whitney, superintendent of the Sanborn Central School District and former president of the Coalition of Schools, said the group gave little thought to court costs and had no plans for who might have paid it.

the Supreme Court, while it ruled unanimously for the state two weeks ago, agreed with the plaintiffs on some key points, creating some doubt as to whether the circuit court's costs award should stand.

Reebok Purple Sneakers

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