Reebok Sneakers Women

Reebok Sneakers Women

Venhuizen highlighted the public health effect of unintended pregnancies, especially for low income mothers.

Reebok Sneakers Women

Leslee Unruh, executive director of the anti abortion Alpha Center in Sioux Falls, said the rate of unintended pregnancies in South Dakota is "a public health crisis that needs to be addressed."

Women who didn't intend to become mothers need extra support, he said, to ensure good health and prevent tragedy.

Reebok Sneakers Women

They note that Reebok Sneakers Women only 13 percent of South Dakota's unintended pregnancies end in abortion, which they say reflects both the state's culture and its tough anti abortion laws. South Dakota's rate of Reebok Sneakers For Girls

Reebok Sneakers Women

She didn't respond to Saucony Originals Jazz

Gov. Dennis Daugaard opposes abortion. His senior adviser, Tony Venhuizen, said Daugaard sees the low abortion rate as "good news."

a request for further comment on the subject.

Reebok Sneakers Women

"When the infant mortality task force looks at the populations that need to have support, certainly young mothers, teenage mothers (and) mothers who have unexpected pregnancies are those who need the education and need the support," Venhuizen said.

´╗┐State's unintended pregnancy rate 47

It's an area he said Daugaard's Governor's Task Force on Infant Mortality is focusing on.

Reebok Sneakers Women

statement. "The most effective way to reduce unintended pregnancies and therefore the need for abortion is to increase women's access to contraception."

The report by the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute was intended to encourage states to promote the use of contraceptives. And Planned Parenthood, which provides both contraception and abortions, argued more contraceptives would benefit South Dakota's public health and budget.

"Unintended pregnancy is a serious public health issue that South Dakotans want to see addressed," said Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, in a Reebok For Women Black

The Guttmacher Institute has historical connections to Planned Parenthood and advocates abortion rights.

Reebok Sneakers Women

Nationwide, according to the Guttmacher Institute report, women with incomes below the federal poverty line are five times more likely to have unintended pregnancies than women with incomes of more than 200 percent of the poverty line.

unintended pregnancies leading to abortion is lower than any of South Dakota's neighbors.

Reebok Sneakers Women

Almost half of South Dakota's pregnancies are unintended, with higher rates among low income women, a new report claims.

Reebok Sneakers Women

"There is a clash of worldview, and it is unfortunate that both sides can't get together to help those in crisis," Unruh said in a statement. "Alpha Center and the National Abstinence Clearinghouse will continue their life affirming work."

Anti abortion advocates take a different view of South Dakota's rate of unintended pregnancy.

Reebok Sneakers Women

Reebok Sneakers Women

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