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Only vehicles with a valid permit can use the accessible spaces. They're typically located close to buildings to help shorten the distance travelled by persons with physical handicaps.

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a building safely," said Rosso, who's based at John Rhodes Community Centre.

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"People are just getting lazy and inconsiderate," said Const. Armando Tempesta.

Students will target shopping malls "where we've been encountering some of the problems, but it's throughout the city," said Tempesta.

Shopping malls are a particularly troublesome area, but Tempesta declined to name the shopping centre where most offenders park.

"We decided maybe it was time to give them a wake up call again."

"It's really to allow people the independence to be able to get in and out of Reebok Es22

Students will record licence plates and forward them to police for follow up. Traffic services officers could call motorists and remind them they're not allowed to park in the space. Or, they could be ticketed.

Lynn Rosso sees red when able bodied motorists think they have a green light to park in accessible parking spaces meant for the disabled.

"This is an ongoing problem that Saucony Boston Public Gardens

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'Steady increase'of abuse prompts police cracko

accessibility co ordinator says it's also a "long standing" major source of irritation for Sault Ste. Marie residents who drive and have a physical handicap. Rosso estimates 10% of the city's population has some type of motion disability.

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the city police have been trying to deal with."

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After a "steady increase" in such complaints during the past two months, Sault Ste. Marie Police Service wants to drive the law home with warnings, and if needed, $300 fines for drivers who ignore posted signs. Vehicles could also be towed at an owner's expense.

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High school and university students will wear green shirts with a city police crest and the message 'Youth and Policing.' They'll be in small groups of two or three.

"I think more than anything people just Reebok Ventilator White aren't thinking about it," said Rosso.

Tempesta acknowledged students could be in a "really touchy" with some motorists possibly getting angry about the chance of getting a stiff ticket for their parking infraction.

"They aren't thinking that by running into a building for a minute it's really going to affect someone else."

Summer students working for city police will put stickers on illegally parked vehicles beginning late this month. The blitz will continue "at least twice a week" for two to three weeks.

"I've seen it. People jump out of a vehicle and run in the building. I'm thinking, 'Do they really need that space?'"

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