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"The biggest thing with kids at the fair is don't give them caffeine because it's going to dehydrate them. If they are going to have a soda, go with Sprite or root beer," Sharp said.

Wear sunscreen, hat and loose, light colored clothing. Refill bottles and cups at the water fountains instead of buying another soda.

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

GermsBefore you grip the safety bars on the Zyklon coaster and hang on for dear life, think about how many others have gripped those same bars. Saucony Shoes Womens

in the shade. Drink some water, go listen to the music in the shade or go see the animals. Then go back to the rides."

Heat and sun safetyIt's going to be hot again this week.

The Springfield Greene County Health Department has an office inside the east hall of the E Plex. Inspectors are inspecting Reebok Navy Trainers

Food safetyWhether it's funnel cake or a corn dog dripping in gumbo, dining on greasy food is a time honored fair tradition. But before digging in to that fried treat, remember that fair food isn't yummy on its way back up. Try these tips to keep upset tummies at bay.

With some 200,000 people expected to visit, 2,000 animals on display, hundreds of vendors and exhibitors, and temperatures expected to hit triple digits, the chances of a few fair goers getting sick or injured at the Ozark Empire Fair this year are good.

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

But with a little hand sanitizer and some common sense, you don't have to be one of them.

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

"A kid should never start to look really pink or really pale in their face," said Roxanne Sharp, public health investigator with the Springfield Greene County Health Department. "Do a couple rides, and then get your kids Reebok G Unit Sneakers

´╗┐Stay healthy in the heat at Ozark Empire Fair

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer immediately after touching them. Do not have food, drinks, pacifiers or bottles in the animal area.

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Always clean your hands before eating, even if your food comes on a stick. Carry hand sanitizer or baby wipes in your purse or backpack.

"A hot dog or cotton candy probably won't bother you, but anything that went into the fryer could: fried Oreos, fried pork, a funnel cake," Sharp said.

To prevent an upset stomach, avoid carnival rides after eating anything heavy and greasy, Sharp warned. Go ahead and have that fried ice cream (or better yet, split it with someone), but spend the next hour or so watching a live broadcast of the Olympics in the KY3 Center Hall.

There will be misting stations set up around the carnival, but your best bet is to cool down frequently in the air conditioned E Plex. There you'll find hundreds of vendors and exhibits to amuse the kids for a while.

Young Reebok Yellow Sneakers children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to dehydration and heat exhaustion. Be on the lookout for the following symptoms: confusion, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headache, muscle cramps, pale skin, profuse sweating, nausea and rapid heartbeat.

Speaking of baby goats, the barnyard babies might be cute and cuddly, but it's another time to take precautions.

"You are touching these animals, and you don't know if the animal has sat in or been rolling around in fecal matter," Sharp said. "We do require a hand sanitizer (dispenser) be placed outside the animals. Use it."

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

Ideally everyone would wash their hands after using the bathroom, picking their nose or touching the baby goats, but just to be safe, carry hand sanitizer or baby wipes, and clean your hands after every ride.

all food vendors daily. If you have any concerns or questions about a vendor, knock on the door and talk to an inspector.

Reebok Yellow Sneakers

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