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The trustees are expected to adopt the salary proposal when they meet in September to approve the university's overall budget for the 2012 fiscal year.

schools and colleges would determine individual raises, and they may range from zero to 6 percent. "All of that will be merit raises," he added.

Samuel Guinn of San Bruno, Calif., chairman of the trustees' committee on compensation, said Auburn's faculty Saucony Trainers

1 under a proposal presented today to the university's board of trustees.

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The university will also generate an extra $5.2 million from a 4 percent tuition hike imposed earlier this year.

a significant increase because of that action by the Legislature."

pay is within 10 percent of the regional average. But he said the panel concluded that despite budget concerns, raises could be awarded in fiscal 2012.

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That will save the AU System $16.4 million each year.

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Bobby Lowder of Auburn, chairman of the trustees' finance committee, said Reebok Classic Shoes White

Saucony Denim

Saucony Denim

Saucony Denim

Also, faculty who are promoted during the year would get an additional $500 increase over the normal raise they now receive.

Meanwhile, the board gave the go ahead for the hiring of an architect and construction manager for a new central classroom facility. Roughly the size of the school's largest classroom facility, Haley Center, the new building would be designed to replace the outdated instructional space in Haley Center, Funchess, Parker, Spidle an Upchurch halls.

Except for a one time 4 percent raise, or bonus, in December 2010, AU employees have not had a Saucony Denim permanent raise in three years, said Donald Large, Auburn's executive vice president and chief financial officer.

"I think it's the right thing to do," he said. "It's been three years since we've been able to afford any salary increases."

Large said one time savings of $9.9 million would come from a $200 per semester "proration fee" imposed on students for 2012 and $13.6 million from one year of deferred maintenance.

´╗┐staff in line for pay raises in 2011

Part of the plan would give faculty and staff a permanent 3 percent merit increase, while the second would provide a one time 2 percent merit pay hike.

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"We have more costs being pushed to employees, so we didn't have a higher priority than faculty and employee salaries," Large said. "Even with this, employees will not get Reebok Suede Blue

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Saucony Denim

Saucony Denim

Large said the university is able to afford the raises, in large part, because of action by the Alabama Legislature that will increase employees' contribution to the state teacher's retirement system from 5 percent to 7.25 percent in 2012 and 7.5 percent in 2013.

In addition, the AU System's state appropriation increased by slightly more than 2 percent from $241.2 million to $246.2 million over the 2011 level.

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