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Saucony Guide 5

Senate leaders vowed that the hearings would take place in the 2007 session. Sutton was sworn in Tuesday, and the Senate adopted special rules Wednesday for the disciplinary hearing.

"My guess is the Supreme Court will work very hard to get that decision out before the 19th," Long said.

"I hope Saucony Blue And White

it's expedited as quickly as it can be, so we can move on and get this behind us," said Sen. Ed Olson, a Mitchell Republican and a key player in the investigation.

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´╗┐State's high court steps into Sutton fray

Jim McMahon, a Sioux Falls lawyer hired by the Senate to represent it in the Sutton matter, said Thursday that Senate leaders weren't going to wait until the Friday hearing to make their case.

"I was definitely surprised to see an attempt at a judicial review at the beginning rather than at the end of the process," he said.

Saucony Guide 5

Subpoenas to appear at the hearings have been issued to the page in question and six other people whose names have not been released.

Saucony Guide 5

Saucony Guide 5

Long said the Supreme Court indicated Thursday that it will act quickly on the written arguments next week, as the circuit court hearing still is planned for Friday.

Attorney General Larry Long, on behalf of the Senate, asked the Supreme Court to stop a lower court from halting the disciplinary proceedings against Sutton, Saucony All Black

Saucony Guide 5

PIERRE The South Dakota Supreme Court agreed Thursday to enter the dispute over whether the Senate can move forward with an investigation of Sen. Dan Sutton of Flandreau.

Saucony Guide 5

The Supreme Court on Thursday did not lift the lower court order, but it did agree to hear arguments from the Senate and from Sutton's lawyers, who have maintained the senator's innocence. Sutton has not spoken publicly about the allegation. Tuesday, and the Senate has until noon Wednesday to respond. The court is not allowing any formal arguments and will decide the case from the written filings.

a Democrat who is accused of sexual misconduct with an 18 year old Senate page last year.

have a Senate that has state business to get on with," McMahon said.

Despite the attention the matter is receiving, the Sutton case isn't holding up the work of the Legislature in the first week of the session. House and Senate committees are running normally, hearing budget updates from state departments and the first bills of the session.

Sutton's lawyers on Wednesday got a court order from Circuit Judge David Gienapp in Moody County that required the Senate to halt any disciplinary investigation until a hearing scheduled for Jan. 19 in Flandreau. Lawyers then are to present their cases on whether the Senate may investigate the Sutton matter.

One thing is certain: Senate officials want the matter resolved as soon as possible.

But the legal salvo fired from Long on Thursday sought to end Saucony Guide 5 Gienapp's involvement in the issue. Gov. Mike Rounds called a special session to investigate the matter, but that was called off in November when Sutton resigned the final weeks of his third term. Sutton won a fourth term in November.

The Sutton proceedings cast a tentative air over lawmakers Thursday, and many were hesitant to speak on the matter publicly after the Senate took its own legal action.

Saucony Guide 5

Proceedings against Sutton were due to start Thursday, with hearings to begin next week.

Saucony Guide 5

Saucony Guide 5

Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson said Thursday that he was surprised to see the filing from Sutton's lawyers Wednesday, as the Senate had yet to move to invoke the committee.

Once the rules were adopted, Sutton's legal team jumped into action by asking Gienapp to stop the proceedings.

Saucony Guide 5

Saucony Guide 5

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