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They're reminders of what happened on Interstate 85 on April 6, 2000.

be let out on parole.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

Two families awaiting on whether Kendrick would be let out.

For 14 years, CBS 8 has followed the tragic story of a 12 year old killed by a drunk driver in Montgomery County and the impact his death has on his family. Today, the state parole board decides Saucony Outlet Los Angeles if it is time to let the man who killed the boy out of jail. It's a story you'll only see on Alabama News Network.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

"His desire in his life is to live a life that will bring honor to Kyle's memory," Said Kendrick's mother, Gretchen.

"I was really praying that whatever God needs to happen in that room happens because I Reebok Tan

At the last parole meeting, Tomren's husband, Robert, gave a passionate plea to keep Kendrick in jail. Since then, he's passed away, but this time Anita Tomren chose not to testify.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

"I know that you weren't sworn in and had not intended to testify, but the father's testimony was so compelling last time, I would just like to know if that is the family's position at this point in time?" Asked the parole Board to Tomren.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

A DUI murder that lead both families to the state parole board.

´╗┐State Parole Board Denies Release Of Drunk Driver

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

We sat down with Kendick in 2008. He said at the time of the accident, he was more concerned with the damage to his car.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

"I know they hurt. They hurt every day and will for their rest of their lives thinking about their son, I know that. he had grandparents, too. You know, he had friends," Said Kendrick.

"This is a horrible horrible result that wasn't his intention, but you know what, intentions isn't what we live out on. We live out on our actions, not out of our intentions," Said Tomren.

don't have the answer. And I just have to find a level of acceptance," Said Tomren.

"We were rear ended by Caleb and it flipped the truck off the interstate upside down onto an access road," Reebok Gray Sneakers

This was one of the last pictures taken of Kyle Eastham before he left the beach. Now his mom Anita Tomren has just that pictures and memories of her 12 year old son.

Kyle Eastham and his mom, Anita, were coming back from Pensacola on a spring break trip heading home to Douglasville, Georgia. They were driving through Montgomery County when a drunk driver hit them, killing Kyle. Today, family members from both sides gave their say on whether Caleb Kendrick should Reebok Shoes For Women

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

Said Tomren.

"Ok, we voted and he did not make parole," Said the parole board.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

Tomren says the healing process after this accident has been a long dark road. Kyle was her only son. Her message to anyone who thinks about driving after being intoxicated? 'just say no. Because you can't go back and change your decision.'

Kyle was found partially ejected pinned in their truck after an intoxicated driver, Caleb Kendrick, struck them.

While Tomren says she's forgiven Kendrick.

Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

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